There’s No Place Like Home

It’s already September! Time sure does fly when you’re busy and I was busy this past summer. So busy that I forgot to take a vacation. But now that the heat’s died down, I’m planning a staycation. In fact, here are my top staycation tips in case you too wanna take a relaxing vacation at home too.

Have Someone Else Do The Dirty Work—Nothing says staycation like a clean house. But do you clean your own hotel room on vacation? No! Hire a cleaning company before your staycation begins, so you can start on a fresh note.

Set A Budget—Too many people spend no money while on staycation. But just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. If you don’t do anything fun, it isn’t truly a vacation. Get that massage you’ve always wanted or eat at that fancy new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Make your staycation fun.

Theme It Up—This tip is totally optional, but everything’s better with a theme. From cozy camping to tropical getaways, a theme can help guide your staycation from the activities you do to the food you eat. With a good theme, you’ll have a real getaway.

Spice Up The Menu—Speaking of food, make sure you’re mixing things up. Vacation is the time to eat new fun and exciting foods. Find fun new recipes or better yet, just order delivery!

Get A Fun New Souvenir—Just because you’re not traveling doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a souvenir. You’re on vacation after all. Splurge on that new coffee mug, houseplant, or gadget you’ve been wanting. Get something that’ll help make your space feel new again.

Take Lots Of Photos—Commemorate every vacation with a collage of photos. No exceptions. Just because they don’t have a traditional vacation background doesn’t mean you won’t capture amazing memories.

Turn Off The Socials—Oh no! No reception! Not really, but that would be ideal. Free yourself from the pressures of social media and turn off your phone for the week. You’d be surprised how freeing it is.

So those are my top staycation tips. I hope they’ve inspired you to take a staycation of your own and that they’ll come in handy when you do. Bon Voyage!