Neighborhood Grill Master

From burgers and hotdogs to corn on the cob and kebabs, everything just tastes better on the grill. I believe that grilling should be fun, that’s why I’ve put together this list of my top 5 grilling hacks that’ll help you become the official neighborhood grill master. 

Use A Cardboard Egg Carton As An Easy Fire Starter—Sometimes getting the fire roaring is the trickiest part, but cardboard egg cartons are easily accessible and flammable. Everything you need to start your fire. 

Use A Muffin Tin To Easily Organize Condiments—You no longer need a dozen people to help you carry out the various toppings and condiments. Use a muffin tin to create an organized condiment tray to carry to the food table.

Put A Small Cube Of Ice In Your Burgers To Keep Them Juicy—Nothing is worse than a dried out burger. When forming your patty, put an ice cube or frozen butter cube in the middle of the meat to help it stay plump and tasty. 

Ditch The Old Wire Cleaning Brush—Stop wasting your time on a rusty wire grill brush. Instead just use a bit of crunched tinfoil. It’s not only cheaper, but it works better! You can also try cleaning the grill with an onion!

Use Sliced Bread To Find Heat Zones On Your Grill—Not every location on your grill is going to generate the same heat. This is great because we want some foods to cook at a lower temperature anyways. Fortunately, you can use a piece of sliced bread to determine where these hotter spots are. Place bread all over the grill and see which pieces start to toast fastest. Those are your hot spots.

I hope these grilling tips will help you take your neighborhood barbeque scene by storm this summer. Just remember to always use caution and be safe when working with fire!